Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hilton Head Island - 5 Year Wedding Anniversary

David and I celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary on Saturday, June 21st. We took a short weekend trip to Hilton Head. It was a lot of fun, but WAY too short.

We stayed with our friends Dewayne and Brandi on Friday night in Augusta before heading to Hilton Head. It was so great visiting with them. While we were there we went to a local park and took some pictures. And yes...I am actually in some of these pics. My hubby realized how very few pictures he has of just me since I'm usually behind the camera. He did a great job of taking pics and even got pretty creative!

First, our friends, Dewayne & Brandi

The sunset our first night in Hilton Head

I was really looking forward to taking this little Dolphin cruise to try to get some pictures of the dolphins. We saw maybe 3 dolphins during our hour and 1/2 trip and they were all too far away to take a picture of them. It was still a nice guided tour on boat.

A storm was about 8 miles from us in the distance. It was so cool to see!

See the rain?

I got up at 5:30 in the morning to take pictures of the sunrise. It was really cloudy, but I got a few of the light coming it. It was so beautiful.

This made me think of Nate & Tricia...

Our last day in Hilton Head

We went to Harbour Town to see the lighthouse...

Props to my hubby for his mad photography skills...

Friday, June 20, 2008

A few more from Lenora Park

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Beauty of it All

David was flipping through the photos on my camera after I had taken some pictures of flowers the other day. As he scrolled through he said, "Isn't God amazing?". At first I thought he said, "Isn't that amazing?" thinking he was referring to how great this new camera is...but then he said, "All the details of God's's so amazing". I couldn't agree more. How can anyone see the intricate details of all the beauty around us...the flowers, the trees, the amazing detail of my son's beautiful face, and not see God? He made a beautiful world and no camera will ever capture the beauty and magnitude of it all...but I will at least make an attempt.
My brother's girlfriend, Esther, and I took Ethan out to Lenora Park yesterday afternoon to take some pictures. I have over 400 pictures on my camera from the afternoon, so I'm sure I will be sharing more of them soon.

To clarify for some who couldn't figure this next one out...this is an ant on a tree...

Here is Ethan and me watching the ducks.

And the sunset just called attention to God's glory!



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